GAP in Algebraic Research

Summer School: Nov 19 - 22, 2018
RWTH Aachen University

The aim of this “summer” school is to give an overview over the research software available in GAP. The speakers will present their areas of research, the functionality that is available to investigate these areas computationally, and guide participants to familiarize themselves with these tools during the accompanying programming lab sessions. We aim to do 2 hours of programming lab session for each 1.5 hours of lecture time. No prior computational experience is needed. At the beginning of the school, Alexander Konovalov will give a GAP tutorial which will be based on the Software Carpentry lesson “Programming with GAP”.

The speakers are:

To register for the workshop visit the registration page. Funding is available to pay for your accomodation. You will be asked to share a room with another participant. Note that you will have to cover for your travel expenses yourselves.

Please bring a laptop with a working installation of a GAP 4.9.x version, preferably running on a linux or mac operating system. If you have problems with installing GAP we can try to resolve them in Aachen, if time permits.

More detailed information will be announced on the program page.


The workshop will take place at the RWTH Aachen University. Information about the exact location will also be announced on the program page.


If you have questions or suggestions, please contact the organizer:


This summer school is supported by DFG Graduiertenkolleg “Experimental and Constructive Algebra”.